28 October, 2009

Feel Good

What makes you feel good? A hug, a chat with a friend, outing with some friends, playing sports, exercising or even pets are just a few things that can make you feel good. Is it wrong to enjoy what makes you feel good? No, well if it isn't illegal drugs, gambling (in the case of obsessive gambling) or anything harmful. A lot of us can only maybe enjoy something once a week or something a long those lines. But we should never give up on these things as they can help in more ways than you think. For example, if a person is depressed, doing something that makes them feel happy, even for a minute, can speed up the recovery time. Because without doing something that we like regularly, we tend to forget how good it makes us feel which can then make us feel down. It doesn't have to be something that costs you money. A chat with a friend, a nice walk in the park or even watching your favourite TV show or movie.

Another way that can make us feel good is talking to others about our problems. Getting them off our chest cannot only make you feel good but can lighten the load from stress & other problems. A friend, family members or even a professional can be great. Finding someone that makes you feel safe and secure can help. Writing a blog is a great way to get things off your chest. Who knows, you could even make a friend or two.

I am the first to admit that sometimes you may get down or stressed. But even remembering these good times can take the edge off your problem. 


Beautiful Dreamer said...

Too true! Most time happiness and laughter is the best medicine! :)

Beautiful Dreamer

Anonymous said...

I feel everything i had as a comfort link is gone, but still i'm looking for it, whatever it is. I know someday I will have something to hold onto. My worry is losing it or them once its found.
Friends are good tho :)
At least here ,)

Always a mom said...

Just a quick note to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment on my blog about "Me" Time.
It most surely did not depress me, but gives me hope that one day my husband too will see how important my creative release time is to me. It is refreshing to hear a man who is so devoted to his spouses needs! You are a gem! I gotta run for now...but will be back to check your posts.

Better Man said...

I am glad that you liked my comment. Thanks for the comments to about this post.