23 November, 2010

Coach Your Mind: Your Story: "I Dare You!"

Coach Your Mind: Your Story: "I Dare You!": "This next story is soooo powerful! My jaw is still dropped, even after the 10th time reading it. It was sent to me anonymously in one long ..."

15 November, 2010


Wow what a last couple of weeks. Little man on new formula which is working great. The little man that we had at his birth is coming back. He is a lot happier and sleeps a lot longer. We found that he is allergic to dairy. He is sleeping with my wife as this is the only way he will sleep. The pediatrician said to do it if it is only way to get him to sleep. I have had a lot of time to think of some ideas on what I would like to post about, so when I can get some time I will have a few posts to post.

One of my greatest fears hit me this week, my wife had a vomitting stomach bug. Vomitting is my greatest fear along with loosing my family. I have felt selfish, scared, worried and upset. I hate seeing my wife sick and I will do anything to get her better, but how do you help someone when a great fear is in the road. I felt selfish because instead of me worrying about my wife, I asked her if I would get it. (just for your info, I had some very bad childhood vomiting problems and now because the fear has got that bad that I have to ask my wife if I won't be sick if I feel unwell.) I suffer from a condition that I can have full conversations with people in my sleep. I have even driven a car while I was asleep. I have no clue what it is called. I had one of these episodes while my wife was sick and she said that she vomitted and she said that I went off my head at her saying that I will get it and it is all her fault. I was devastated when she told me what happen. I am still saying sorry to her.

I would like to apologies to other bloggers who I follow as I seem to forget to post a comment about their post or even say I read their post. I do read your post. I not sure if there is something that is like Facebook that you can just click like. Catch up soon.