05 October, 2010

Being a dad

I am sorry to anyone that subscribed to my other blog about being a first time dad. It was suggested that I should just keep one blog. I thought that was a good idea.

What a couple of weeks. My baby boy was born on the 24th September at 1am. After a 40 hour labour and right up to 9cm the doctors said that he is stuck in my wife's pelvis and she will need a emergency c section. I got ready to go in with my wife to surgery and while I waited outside the theatre I felt sick and light headed. They called me in and I sat beside my wife. Still feeling terrible I was just going to stand up walk out so I didn't collapse and I heard my boy cry for the first time, all the sickness, nerves and being light headed went away. As they were finishing up I went out to the recover section and sat there talking to the mid wife and staring at my little man. What a feeling. No amount of valium and alcohol could ever match that feeling. For my wife and myself we had a instant bond with a little man. Some parents don't get that feeling and that is normal. This has been the first time I have ever been away from my wife at night. Handle it pretty good. Mum and bub are home, wow it is intense. Nappy changes, feeding, up all hours of the night and everything else. My wife has taken the night shift most of the time as I am a very heavy sleeper. But when I wake up the little man is mine. My wife's breast has not come through a lot so we have had to use formula to top him up, but we will not be giving up on breast feeding. Our little man gets impatient if he doesn't have the bottle in his mouth within 1 second. We are all learning and getting to know each other. Before he was born, my wife and I talked about what roll each will have. I wanted to do the bathing, well he doesn't likes baths but he loves to have a shower with mummy.

So much I could tell you, but if I wrote it all down in probably take a week to read just one post. But to put it in a nutshell we are getting there. He is healthy and that what matters. My little man is crying so I am off.


SAM said...

For a while, I got worried there. Glad to know all is well, daddy!Seize the moment. Enjoy!

Better Man said...

Thanks Sam. I have been flat out trying to be a dad. Hopefully things calm down soon.

SAM said...

Nice song! Got inspired to do another project! :-)