09 October, 2010

Depression update

It is nearly impossible to get a statistic on how many in the world today suffer from depression. I have spoken in the past about depression but I have come across some information that I would like to pass on. By the year 2020, depression will be the 2nd most common health problem in the world. About 80% of the people suffering from depression now are not receiving any kind of medical treatment. That is very serious as depression can lead to more serious problems. 

Enough of the statistics. You may know someone who suffers from depression or even suffer yourself by depression. It is very common to hear from others "you will be ok" or "think positive and you will get over it". If hearing that helps you, then that is great. But saying that to a person who suffers from depression can make them more depressed or even think that there is nothing that will help them and that could lead them to take their own life. So I would like to pass on this message I heard recently which may help ones who don't suffer depression or don't understand it. This is a true story. A public speaker was giving a talk and the talk lead to talking about people with depression. The speaker asked a man who was in the front row who was wearing glasses to come up on stage. He asked the man if he could see the clock that was at the back of the hall, and he answered yes. So the speaker asked the man to take his glasses off and then asked the man if he could tell the time now. The man said no. The speaker said "come on try harder" and again the man could not see the what the time was. The speaker kept saying "keep trying" and "try harder" as well as "have more faith in yourself". The man could not see the time. The speaker thanked the man and asked him to go back to his seat. The speaker said that like that man who could not see the time and didn't matter how many times I told him to keep trying, the man could not see the time. The same is like a person who suffers from depression. With some sufferers telling them just keep trying can do more damage than good. So what do you do? Take a interest in them, find out what they have interests in. Believe me, trying to get information out of a person who suffers from depression about what they like can take some time. Take time and be there for them. Coming out and asking too much information about them could make them put up a wall. Start slowly. Encourage them, be positive and just be there for them. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If this post helps anyone who either suffers from depression or helps someone knows someone has depression then it has done its purpose. If you have any suggestions about this post that can make it better please let me know. I hope that one day that no one will have to suffer from depression. But now lets help the ones who are suffering to feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


SAM said...

Hope the baby's feeling better by now. And you, too! :-)

SAM said...

Hope the birth of your boy has uplifted you lots.

Better Man said...

My little man is on the mend. We have some medication that will help with the reflux and colic. He is a 100% better. The birth of my son has helped a lot. I'm not 100% but a cuddle from him just takes all the worries away, even just for a second. I was told that having a child would really help me, and that is so true. But if this time of feeling better doesn't last, I will never blame my son. I am just so blessed to see the light at the end of the tunnel that my son has given me.

Thank you so much for the kind comments.