09 October, 2010

Dad update

Wow what a first two weeks. Some sleepless nights. But more poor little man is suffering from silent reflux and colic. It breaks my heart to see him in pain. I admit that one night I was up all night with him and I could not get him to settle. At 4am I had enough and took him into my wife and said take him as I have tried everything. Needless to say I still didn't get any sleep. At that time we did not know he had reflux or colic. The next day we took him to the doctors at which they diagnosed him with the reflux and colic. I still am angry at myself for getting angry at my boy the night before. My wife said I didn't know that it was because of the colic and reflux, I just thought he just wanted me to hold him all the time. He is on Losec for the reflux and infacol for the colic. It is only early days. I just hope that they work for him. We are changing the formula that we top him up on, so hope that helps as well. My wife's breast milk is coming in a lot better now, but it is still not enough. He has been feeding very often as his body knows that to help with the reflux he needs to feed more often. My mum came over and looked after my little man while my wife and I did some shopping. I think we needed to have a bit of time to ourself. We are going to plan at least once a month to have one of the grandmothers look after him.

My little is amazing. His neck muscle are very developed, which lets him hold his head up. His body strength is unbelievable. My wife has a lot of trouble when feeding him as he will grab her hand move off him. He has a lot of wind. At the doctors, when we got called in all through the consultation he was letting off and he was loud. The doctor left the room to get something and while the doc was out my little man let a beauty go. My wife and myself was laughing. When the doctor walked in he smelled it and block his nose. We are still laughing about it.

I will keep updating on how he is progressing. Thanks


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