11 December, 2010

Dad update

Wow, my little man is 11 weeks today. What a 11 weeks. My little man's reflux is getting better and the new formula is doing great. He is over 6kg. My wife and my little man had to go in for a sleep study last week as my little man was not sleeping, well he slept but it would only be for about a hour then he will be awake. My wife ended up having to hold him while she slept which wore her done very quick. I would have done it but my medication knocks me completely out and it would just not have been safe. Well the sleep study told us what we already knew, he gets over stimulated and over active. We tried a lot of different techniques but nothing seemed to work. My wife came across a technique called EASY which is really working. The whole idea behind it is to have a schedule, but not a schedule that says that he must feed at this time and must be asleep at this time. To works as steps. 1st is to feed him, 2nd is to do a activity with him, 3rd when you see the signs of him becoming tired then you settle them done and then put them to bed and 4th is your own time. I am not fully sure of the details but I know it is really working well. My little man is sleeping a lot better and longer, but he has a lot of sleep to catch up on. He is a lot happier as well. He has started talking to us in his own language which is great.

My heart was broken today. One of my nephews came over to play some games with me, which I got to have one game with him as the little man was hungry. When I was playing the game with my nephew, I had put my little man in his walker (which really looks funny as he can't reach the floor yet) and had him beside me on the floor. After I played the game I went to make my little man a bottle and my wife came up to me and she said that my little man was trying to get my attention and I didn't see him. I thanked my wife for telling me but it broke my heart as I have always wanted my children to feel that they could up to me and always have my attention and never feel that I am not interested in what they had to tell me. So I went and said sorry to my little man and started to feed him. But my nephew, who did not hear what my wife had said, told me that my little man was trying to get my attention as well. This made feel worse. But I am making it a goal that it would never happen again. Another happen today as well. We just finished shopping and I was carrying my little man to the car. When we made it to the car I put my little man back into the prams capsule and then unlocked and started to pick it up. I was unaware that the handle was not locked properly and as I lifted the capsule up out of the pram the handle gave way and my little man feel out of the capsule and into the bottom of the pram. My wife picked him up and she was crying and so was the little man. I felt so sick in the stomach. He is ok, but it made me feel that he was not safe around me at the time. My wife later on spoke to me about it and said that it was only a accident.